The complete schedule with the all speakers and lectures will be released in date prior to the event.
(Changes can be made before further notice)

Monday, April 15th

09:00 - Registration

10:00 - Opening Ceremony

10:30 - Introduction to the Earth's Critical Zone + CZO NSF National Program in USA 
Timothy White (Pennsylvania State University)

11:30 - Land use changes and conservation of the Cerrado

            Mercedes Maria da Cunha Bustamante (Universidade de Brasília (UnB)

12:00 - Lunch 

14:00 - The role of the soil microbiome as an environmental supplier for life on Earth

             Fernando Dini Andreote (ESALQ/USP)

14:30 - Soil Functions in Earth's Critical Zone + UK - China CZO Program
Steven Banwart (University of Leeds)

15:30 - Coffee Break + Posters 

16:10 - Yield gap analysis as a measure of Earth´s Critical Zone evaluation             

               Paulo César Sentelhas (ESALQ/USP) 

 16:40 - Asymmetries of cattle and crop productivity and efficiency during Brazil’s agricultural expansion

             Gerd Sparovek (ESALQ/USP)

17:10 - 18:00 - Round table discussion

Tuesday, April 16th

08:30 - Height Above the Nearest Drainage – a hydrologically relevant new terrain model
Antonio Donato Nobre (INPE)

09:00 - Hydropedology Studies in Earth's Critical Zone  + TERENO Program in Germany
Harry Vereecken (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

10:00 - Coffee Break

10:30 - Understanding the CZ in wetlands: relationship between soil, geomorphology and hydrology in the Pantanal, Brazil

            Sheila A. C. Furquim (Universidade Federal de São Paulo - UNIFESP)

11:00 - Special session

            Linking ecosystem services to soil hydrophysical functions in the Earth Critical Zone
Miguel Cooper (ESALQ/USP)

             Restoration of native vegetation for protection of the Critical Zone

              Pedro Henrique Santin Brancalion (ESALQ/USP)

12:00 - Lunch Break

14:00 - Exploring the organic geochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems - from fossil to modern

            Geoffrey D. Abbott (Newcastle University)

14:30 - Establishing Critical Zone Science in Peru: An Introduction to the Arequipa Nexus Institute for Food Energy, Water, and The Environment 
Timothy Filley (Purdue University)

15:30 - Coffee Break + Posters 

16:10 - The Amazon and the modern carbon cycle            

             Luiz A. Martinelli (CENA/USP)

16:40 - Brazilian Critical Zone: geomorphological and geological interplays

            Carlos Ernesto R. G. Schaefer (Universidade Federal de Viçosa - UFV)

17:10 - Round table discussion

Wednesday, April 17th 

08:30 - Sirius: the new Brazilian Synchrotron Facility and its potentialities to Environmental Research

            Harry Westfahl (Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory - LNLS)

09:00 - Synchrotron Radiation Based-Techniques in Studies of the Earth’s Critical Zone 
Donald L. Sparks (University of Delaware)

10:00 - Coffee Break

10:30 - Organic Matter composition and stabilization in Brazilian subtropical environments

            Deborah Pinheiro Dick (UFRGS)  

11:00 - Special session     

            Synthesis of ecological impacts of Samarco mining tailings deposition in the Rio Doce estuary   

              Angelo Fraga Bernardino (Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo - UFES)

            Relationships of vegetation with soil biological, chemical and physical attributes in areas under influence of mining              

              Fatima Maria de Souza Moreira (Universidade Federal de Lavras - UFLA)     

12:00 - Lunch

14:00 - Biodiversity conservation of the Semi-Arid Regions: the case of Caatinga

            Francisca Soares Araujo (Universidade Federal do Ceará - UFC)

14:30 - Round table discussion 

15:30 - 16:00 - Closing ceremony 

16:00 - End

Brazilian Critical Zone Symposium 
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